Saturday, 11 April 2009

.Button Bouquets.

These are about my favourite thing to make at the moment.
I bought this beautiful bouquet from this Etsy store a couple of months ago and was hooked. They are even more spectacular in real life than in photograph.
I had a kid-free, weekend crafty night with some friends a while ago and we worked out how to make them ourselves. Perfect to brighten up a dull corner - and they won't die on you!
This one has been adorning my bookshelf for the last week but is soon to be on it's way to an unsuspecting lucky recipient...although she might be suspecting now!


Carli said...

Now I wouldn't like to say I'm suspecting in case it ISN'T me but they are way better than anything I've seen online - the colours are fantastic!!! They would make a great theme for a baby shower or a party. CUTE!! Now you're putting way too manu cute things on your blog at once!

The Kings said...

That's them! They look cute in the value colours.

marnie said...

oh my goodness tone- these are absolutely the coolest things I have seen in a long long time! I am crazy about buttons and always on the lookout for cool ways to display mine...they are amazing!!!! Do we get a tutorial?

Anonymous said...

I love them,
I saw how to make little girls hair accesories, on someone else's blog, and I have seen necklaces made of them too.
I would like to learn how to make the necklaces.
Hope you are enjoying the Easter break.
Auntie Lorraine.

Clever Karen said...

These are amazing - love the blend of colors, absolutely yummy!

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