Sunday, 12 April 2009

.on Easter Sunday morn.

Of course it started with easter egg treats for breakfast. Easter Bunny was being health-conscious and only left out two little eggs for each child this morning! I figure that while they are young and don't care about quantity we shouldn't go overboard. They had plenty more during the day anyway. I shouldn't have let them come into our bed and eat their eggs because now there are melted chocolate spots all over the white sheets and doona cover. How's that for motivation to wash the sheets?!

Church started a little later than usual this morning, so we took the opportunity to try and get some snaps of Oscar and Lil together. I said try. They weren't very co-operative!
I made Lil this Oliver + S Puppet Show Dress about a month ago. It turned out quite cute. Today was the first day she wore it.
It was a nice pattern to sew, lots of detail and fiddly bits though so wasn't very quick. Took me about 3 nights to finish off. I could probably make it faster now that I have had a go at it. I love the row of buttons down the back and am glad that I had my new sewing machine with automatic buttonhole function to finish it off!


Sarah said...

They are too sweet Toni. Happy Easter.

The Bartons said...

soooooo cute!!! Lil looks so big and so does oscar. I miss you guys heaps!!! xxx

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