Thursday, 23 April 2009

.Its a jungle out there.

There is just something about the Melly & Me "Mrs Perkins" giraffe pattern. I made one about a year ago and have had plans to make another ever since. Why make one when you can make three?! When it comes to making soft toys I always think the process is faster and smoother to make multiples. One will be a gift for a friend (but how do I choose which one to part with...) not sure what will become of the other two yet!


The Parsons Family said...

is that your huge backyard??? Cool! And you make everything look gorgeous by the fabric you choose too... love them!

Anna said...

They are gorgeous Toni. Love the colours.

The Bartons said...

awwww i want one!!!!

The Kings said...

They are so cute. I love the green spotty one.

Hannah Challis said...

So cute.... I love them and so would my girls! But I know if I made them they wouldn't look like this!!!!

Aimee said...

i was eyeing them off on your computer screen...didn't realise you made em. so so cute. i love the happy colours.
(hope the kids went to bed well)

Nikki Docking said...

Oh they are the cutest!! I love the colours you have chosen, especially the green one. The kids must love all the wonderful things you create for them.

melandpeter said...

Don't give away the pink one Toni. It's the best! Mwah

Anonymous said...

How could you split them up?
They have such sad eyes, and they are as Harri would say"Sweet".
Have you given them names?
I was in the deli in Deloraine, and in the toybox they have the cutest rag dolls.
They look really simple(as if I would know)
Now I would really like to make them, and not only for my gran daughters either.
Oh well, I will just keep on dreaming.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Adin B said...

Those are just so cute and adorable! Look at those faces. That's going to be hard to split them up! They look so cute together. :) LOL!

Adin B

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