Tuesday, 12 May 2009

.The family on the fridge again.

More family magnets. Mum's Mothers Day present...I think I need to make some of these magnets for our fridge because the kids LOVE playing with them. Lil likes to name all of the people and Oscar likes to sort them in lots of different ways - by colour, gender, family, age, etc. Was thinking it would be cool to make a puzzle out of a big family photo or some other picture that Oscar could do on the fridge because he loves puzzles. (Just another project to add to the list of things to do!!)

I didn't use tiles this time, got the Woodman to cut 5mm thick MDF into 7cm squares. I didn't paint the back or sides, just left them raw and I like the look.

These are REALLY the fastest, easiest gift to make - I got the Woodman to cut me extra squares this time so that I have them up my sleeve for a quick craft/present.


Lulu said...

Excellent idea. I've bookmarked this post.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

What a great idea! I am starting to organize ideas for handmade Christmas, couldn't have been better timing. This now going to be for the grandparents. Thanks xox

Anonymous said...

You had to choose The Worst photo of me, and The Best photo of you...haha...how much do the tiles cost? I'm thinking of making some for Chris' Mum.

Love Fil x

Anonymous said...

Becky made me some for Mother's Day, and I love them.
About time you sat down and put your feet up for a while.
I know it is hard with little kids.
Love Auntie Loraine.

L!$@ said...

Dang it Toni, you have too many awesome ideas to keep up with!! Such an awesome present...wish I had as much creativity as you :)

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