Monday, 3 August 2009

.2 today.

The little miss of the house turned 2 today.

We have been busy with family for the last 4 days so she was very lucky to have visitors from New Zealand and Sydney with her to celebrate the big occasion!
And lots of devoted fans to laugh at all of her crazy antics.
We love you precious girl...the laughter and tears you bring into our family
...the cute as piggy tails
...the cheeky little smile
...the love of beautiful skirts and dresses - your pretties
...the obsession with your dummy
...the obsession with lollies
...the crazy tantrums
...the bossiness
...the constant "read it"
...the cuddles and kisses


Tracy said...

Happy birthday :) Great cake too :) I'm glad to see it's not only my kids who blow their candles out in their PJ's

The Kings said...

oh she cracks me up!! So nice to have lots of family there for it!

Yana said...

Happy birthday to your little miss! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lil! Love the Coulls xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Lil!

From Mason, Maya and Michaela xxx

rachelmp said...

How beautiful! I hope being two is wonderful too

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Hope you had a great day!
X Amelia

MARYNAN said...

How were the faces after the choc. icing? Happy birthday Lily!!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Happy Birthday! Great cake xox

Makayla said...

Lil is two already?! =O Where did that time go?! She's a cutie, happy birthday =)

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