Tuesday, 4 August 2009

.Tommy's Blessing.

Sunday was a special day for our family. Jaron gave Tommy a beautiful blessing and we were lucky enough to have lots of extended family travel to be with us.

Jaron's parents and three of his siblings came over from New Zealand on Thursday night and stayed with us until this morning. My sister, Filipa and her husband Chris are down from Sydney for a few more days. This is the first time for all of them to meet Tommy and he has been thoroughly spoiled with constant cuddles.
Oscar and Lil have had the best 5 days, with someone new to play with all the time and lots of outings they were absolutely exhausted today. Oscar asked me this morning if we could just have a "home day" today! So, home day it was! Catching up on lots of house work and washing while the kids made forts and slides out of blankets and mattresses in the spare room!

I don't think I have written about where Tommy's name came from. My Dad (on the right) is named Tyrone, has always been called Tom and his kids call him Tommy. Jaron's Dad's (on the left) middle name is Ross. So our Tommy Ross is named after his two Grandfathers. Lucky little dude.
And here we are trying to get a family photo. I swear, I will pay a lot of money to the person who manages to take a decent snap of us all together one day. My children are NOT good at posing for the camera when WE want them to! I guess this is really us and they will be happy to look back at a lot of crazy family photos in the future!


The Kings said...

ha ha - I'm laughing at the photos analysing what is going on. I'm wondering whether Fil is giving us a hint that she may be next with her hand on her tummy! I love how Chris has lent down to be close to Fil as he is SO tall!! Cade is just cracking me up with his faces. I'm wondering who the random guy is up the back with Ty - I don't think he is one of Jaron's brothers!!? and the family pic of you is cute even though it's not perfect :) Little Tommy looks so much more alert and aware now. What a lucky little man to have so much family to love him.

MARYNAN said...

God Bless you Tommy!! Thank you for sharing Tommy's special blessing day Toni. It must have been a very special gathering of both your families.

Lucky ♥ Holly said...

Congrats Baby Tommy. What a special name.
PS I will put $ on it that Barb Uli can get an awesome family shot.

The Bartons said...

Love the photos!!! i wish we where there!!!! x x x x

The Parsons Family said...

ohhh special day! And I was thinking what Lisa thought with Fil and her hand!! he he he!!!

Nel Dekker said...

Beautiful photos Toni! Thank you for sharing a bit of this very special day with us....
Nel xox

Anonymous said...


Ladies, sorry to break it to you...but it's just winter fat!! haha!!

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