Saturday, 8 August 2009

.Clearing the block.

What do you do when you have lots of family members come to visit?

Put them to work of course!!

Our block was covered with lots of little trees and bushes. We could have paid over $1000 to get someone in to clear it for us, or save money and do it ourselves. (By "ourselves" I mean Jaron, not me! Someone has to mind the kids!!)

Jaron spent two Saturdays in a row with a chainsaw cutting everything down, then last Friday we summoned up a team of men to load trailers and take the trees to the tip. It took them ALL day, was a really big job and saved us a lot of time.

And here is it...all cleared and ready to start building on as soon as our plans are approved by council. Thanks guys!! You saved us a heap of time and money :)


The Bartons said...

hehehe!!! ok maybe it was a good thing we didnt come down!!! i would have gone into early labour!! hehehe.. Good job clearing the land i hope the house goes up fast!!!!

Nettie's Blog said...

You must be excited ...what about a plan to see what you are putting on there????? I cant wait to see it ...Once you start it will be up before you know it....Horray !!!!

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