Friday, 27 November 2009

.baby girl.

There have been a lot of baby girls born amongst my close friends lately...resulting in some baby present sewing!

This time, for some friends from playgroup. They have a five-year old boy and have wanted more children ever since. They had given up trying and then miraculously fell pregnant earlier this year so this little girl is EXTRA special!

I made her a minkee-backed baby blanket like the ones I made for Tommy here, here and here - they are my favourite! And a Lazy Day Hat to grow into for next summer.
Blanket Fabric - Dena Fishbein, Diamond Sun Drop in Pink Rose
Blanket Binding - Erin McMorris, Park Slope, Floral Swirl in Pink
Hat Exterior - Erin McMorris, Wildwood, Flower Shower in Fuchsia
Hat Interior - Pink and White Spot, Unknown


Jenny said...

I love these last posts that I'm catching up on. The blanket and hat are great! The doll family-soooo cute. I may have to steal that idea. The haircut, very chic! Love it all.

Makayla said...

You are so talented.. I love the little blanket, i love Tommy's one with the owls on it too

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