Thursday, 19 November 2009

.Mega-Giveaway Winners!.

Its been a whirlwind week...our car has been in getting fixed after the wombat incident so we have been housebound for 4 days. I thought it was going to be boring week and had a long list of things to do during our "quiet time" but for some reason I seem to have been going around in circles and not really accomplishing much.

I meant to sort out the giveaway winners earlier today but it didn't happen so tonight I took my list of entrant names in the car while I traveled to a church meeting with Ty and Mandi. Rather than using the computer generated random number picker, I got the Ty and Mandi to call out three numbers between 1 and 155 and the winners are...


SECOND PRIZE - Beccasaurus


Congratulations girls! If you can send me an email with your postal address then I'll get your prizes in the mail asap!

(And for those of you who know that Lisa is my cousin...I PROMISE you this wasn't rigged!! Her number was called out fair and square! And if you are a sewing friend or relative of Lisa's, look might be getting a Make It Perfect pattern for Christmas this year!!)


Alison said...

Can I make a really really cheesy joke and say that Lisa will be WRAPPED about the skirt??! ;) Oh dear. I shouldn't leave the house.

Awesome giveaway! :)

The Kings said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy - I'm SOOOOOOO excited to win that beautiful skirt!! As for the patterns I'm sure Nicki will make good use of them :)

Thank you Mandi for saying number 2!!!! I always thought you were a nice guy and now I think you are even nicer!!!! ;) Tone - when you told me last night I could NOT believe my luck!!!!!

I'm excited - can't wait to wear my beautiful skirt :)

Makayla said...

Lol, this was the biggest rigging of anything ever being rigged ;) Jk, Lisa deserves it because she cant sew to save her life =)

The Kings said...

Makayla - you are so mean but it is so true!!! :)

Lulu said...

omg is that me for third prize?! Yippee!

beccasauras said...

Wow, I just saw I won when I went to you from And so I sew. How freaky!!! And what a treat! will email now.

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