Friday, 20 November 2009

.For little girl #3.

When my friend Linda had her third baby girl in 4 years I knew that she would have enough clothes, toys, supplies and this little girl needed something unique...just for her...
Inspired by these cute little suits and with the help of some fabric paint and freezer paper (and this tutorial) I made her some t-shirts to wear when she gets a bit bigger...freezer paper stenciling is fun...Edit...a few people have been asking about the supplies I used for this project.
I bought the fabric paint from - Pebeo Setacolor Opaque.
Since then I have discovered you can buy an additive that you mix with regular paint to turn it into fabric paint from Spotlight...this would be better as you can have ANY colour.
The freezer paper was from my local patchwork store. You actually can't buy this kind of freezer paper a regular supermarket in Australia (that I am aware of anyway). It is great stuff, shiny on one side and adheres to your fabric when you iron it on. Then easily peels away when you are finished with it without affecting the fabric. It can be re-used too.


Anna said...

Tone these are lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

I love them! Too cute :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Toni! So nice to have something original and handmade for our smallest girl. They are so cute I can't wait till she fits into them.... actually I can. She is growing way too quick! Linda xxx

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! We love freezer paper too!! I'd love to know what paint you use??

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