Saturday, 19 December 2009

.Countdown to Christmas #16 & #17.

Wednesday and Thursday found us baking up a Christmas Storm! There were a couple of people that I wanted to give treats to for Christmas and the kids are giving these to their teachers at church also. We were supposed to deliver them this week...but it didn't happen so will give them out this weekend.

I am in love with bakers twine at the moment. Such cool stuff and a great way to jazz up a plain brown paper wrapped present. The red and white is perfect for Christmas...I want to invest in some other colours too.

We made four treats and wrapped a few of each in clear cellophane. There are some strong flavours in the treats and I didn't want them to mix. Then we put all four individually wrapped treats in each present.

All ready for delivery...SUPPLIES:
Brown paper from supermarket
Home made gift tags
Bakers Twine from
(Will share recipes on Monday...)


Jury Family said...

All your christmas treats look so yummy. I havent done any cooking yet. hoping to do it on monday if the boys let me!

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