Friday, 18 December 2009

.Go here for a giveaway.

Go to my sister's blog...she is hosting a giveaway at the moment and has been super crafty making cards, gift tags, magnets and more. (And tell her you want her to open comments always, its more fun like that.)

Also, she sent me some fabric a few weeks ago to make her a Versatile Wrap. Here it is laying on the sand at the beach...

Take a look at photos of her wearing it. Super cute baby #4 expanding belly...

LOTS and LOTS of Christmas crafting and sewing going on behind the scenes here lately. The problem with making Christmas gifts is that they have to stay under wraps until the big day! Although, tomorrow I can show you these little beauties I have just finished for Oscar and Lil...they don't read my blog so I can share something at least!

Amy Butler Love, Memento in Midnight
Amy Butler Love, Sunspots in Wine


michele said...

i saw this amy butler fabric the other day and was in love with it. so beautiful.

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