Tuesday, 8 December 2009

.Countdown to Christmas #8.

The tree went up yesterday. It feels more like Christmas now.

Oscar is loving opening an envelope each morning. The hard part is waiting until later in the day until we can do the activity!

Today we made Christmas cards to post to his friends. He chose 7 friends he wanted to send cards to.
I had everything pre-cut and ready to stick on to save time and make the activity quick as I knew he would loose interest otherwise.A little Christmas greeting and signing of his name...stuffed in an envelope with a chocolate treat and they will go out in the mail tomorrow. Lil was asleep...craft + Lil = disaster zone at the moment. She is going through a mega moody stage and throws about 300 tantrums a day. I saved some supplies for her to make a couple of cards for her friends when I need a distraction for her.
Tommy (6 months old today - what the heck?!!) watching from the sidelines...I've been gently reminded that I haven't posted many pics of the kids lately. Reason for this? I've been a slack photo taker. They are still alive - barely, after tipping nail polish over the bathroom floor tonight...good thing it wasn't carpet. I'll do my best to take more photos again.


Anonymous said...

'Tommy IS growing up! Great cards there Oscar!

Carli x

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