Thursday, 10 December 2009

.Countdown to Christmas #9 & #10.

Yesterday's advent activity was to make Snickers Rocky Road. I had good intentions of Oscar and Lil making it with me but they were really trying my patience yesterday. You know how some days they are constantly under your feet, arguing, tantruming, turning your day upside down? It was one of those days.

So this is how I did it.

Waited for that blessed moment of the day when Lil and Tommy are asleep at the same time. Asked Oscar if he wanted to watch a DVD and have a piece of Rocky Road when it was finished. He was cool with that, so I made it by myself! They enjoyed having a taste afterward. I know the purpose of the advent was to do stuff as a family, but trust me, it wasn't going to be very enjoyable yesterday! (They topped the day off by tipping a jar of nail polish over the bathroom floor after dinner.)

Anyway, back to the Rocky Road - so so so yum! I first saw the recipe on this blog - cool blog by the way, and a fellow Tasmanian! (Here is a link to the recipe.)

Snickers Rocky Road
4 x 60g Snickers bars (or fun pack of Snickers)
1 cup rice bubbles
1 cup roughly chopped marshmallows
1 cup roughly chopped unsalted peanuts
400g block Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate
20g copha

Mix first four ingredients together in a bowl.
Melt chocolate and copha together.
Add chocolate to bowl and mix well. Spread into a baking paper-lined slice tin. Set in fridge.

(I added extra marshmallows and rice bubbles instead of the peanuts because I forgot to buy them and had none at home)
Today we made paper chain decorations. They were fun. I think I had more fun than the kids did - although they were pretty excited to be allowed to use the paper cutter! I forgot how cool paper chains can look. Think this one would look awesome to decorate for a birthday party...will have to remember for next time! It was quick and achievable and looked cute strung up in front of the windows but only lasted for 10 minutes and then fell down. Will have to work out a better way to secure to the wall tomorrow!


The Kings said...

ha ha - the truth is coming out now! :) Love the paper chains - looks very festive and I think you should've brought some of that rocky road last night!

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