Tuesday, 7 September 2010

.Kind Over Matter.

The number of "have to read" blogs out there is getting a little overwhelming! Every now and then I have to go through and cull my blogroll so that I only include blogs I love to read or else I spend all of my time reading blog after blog and it all gets a bit addictive and ridiculous.

I have, however, recently found Kind Over Matter, a lovely blog full of kind acts, great links and inspirational projects.

Recently, Leanne's Art Prints were included in their Positive Printables round up. How lovely is that? Thankyou Kind Over Matter :)

Positive Printables Part II!

P.S. We are off to Sydney today (minus the children) for a few days. I've got a few posts scheduled for while we are away but if I don't end the giveaways on the days I was supposed to, you now know why :)


Jenny said...

I know what you mean! There are so many great blogs out there and I tend to get sucked in on almost a daily basis. Sometimes I have to go in and purge the blogroll... it just gets out of control. That's why I never get bent out of shape if I lose a follower here and there... they are probably overwhelmed too (or maybe they just don't like me). :)

Anonymous said...

What!? You're going minus the children? I gotta wean Neve! Enjoy! Linda x

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