Friday, 15 October 2010

.Janelle's A+ Skirt.

My lovely friend, Janelle Wind was one of my pattern testers for A+ Skirts.  I was keen to find a pattern tester who would be able to test the skirts on a "tween" as it is the first time I have designed a pattern for that age/size and needed to make sure I was on the right track.  Lucky for me, Janelle was excited to sew up a skirt for herself as well so I got to get feedback from both perspectives.  
Here is Janelle's skirt.  Hasn't she done a marvelous job?  I LOVE the fabric she has chosen - perfect for saying hello to spring.  Apart from the skirt being so awesome (this is View A, by the way) I am also love, love, loving Janelle's whole outfit - very spunky!!
Janelle has a super cute daughter, Emily who also models a funky A+ Skirt.  You can read more about Janelle's skirt and see photos of Emily's skirt also here.

Thanks Janelle and Emily!  Your skirts are great!


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