Wednesday, 13 October 2010

.Be back soon.

Excuse us for a couple of days as we head over to Melbourne.

First stop, business calls as we meet up with some clients (and old friends) to talk house design.

Second stop.  IKEA for some serious shopping that will be delivered to our door in a week or so.  Need I say more? 
Ikea pen addicted


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm IKEA. My closest one is 6 hours drive away. Not easy to get to! We do have a stash of IKEA pencils here from our previous trips there though!

Sarah Craig said...

I love love love IKEA! But boohoo, the nearest one is 5 hours away from me..... Have fun!

jen said...

Hi! I've just rediscovered your blog after seeing on ric-rac that you have a BOOK out! Congratulations! I'm in Tassie too, and I was wondering how you managed to get the Ikea stuff delivered? Will they do it for you, or do you need to use a second company?

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