Tuesday, 12 October 2010

.New Citrus pOp goodies.

With all of the excitement of Cool Shops! introductions and new patterns being released, I haven't had a chance to let you know of some new products I have recently added to my Citrus pOp Etsy and Made It stores. 
I'm looking forward to wearing my new MINI earring range when I get my ears pierced.  Quite a few of these earrings have sold out now, but I'll be restocking all the colours in the next week or so.  These earrings are really cute - big enough to be seen, but not totally "out there" if you like a more subtle look.  They are also great for little girls!
Twist of Mauve (Etsy/Made It)
Pink Mallow (on Etsy/Made It)
 Very Cool II (on Etsy/Made It)

After many requests, I've managed to make up a few new necklaces too.  Including a few new styles...
Flower Basket (on Etsy/Made It)
Seafoam (on Etsy/Made It)
Enticing (on Etsy/Made It)

And some new hair pin styles, including the monochromatic range such as this lovely white set...
Pineapple Tang (on Etsy/Made It)
Mint Fresh (on Etsy/Made It)
Jungle Trail (on Etsy/Made It)
And there are lots more so go and check them out...


Melissa said...

Everything you put your hands to turns out gorgeous! x

Sim-Dim said...

Ooh I love the jungle trail. Got your ears pierced yet?? ;)

Farah Muzaffar said...

Very cute earings, Love the flowery touch... its beautiful.
Hope you would love to visit me at


and let me know how you find it

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