Friday, 22 October 2010

.thinkin' about.

friday 22nd october.
thinkin' about:

1. that i am totally overwhelmed and in gratitude to you for all of your kind comments about the book.  i am not a very emotional person, but i almost cried reading your encouraging and thoughtful comments.  thankyou.  if i could invite you all to my house for morning tea, i would :)
2. our shipment of ikea furniture arrived today.  pretty cool to go to melbourne and shop, then have it delivered at our door 1 week later.  our house looks like a bomb has hit it.  we are busy building, sorting, moving.  will show you some pics when we are finished.
3. tommy's mullet.  it is getting out of control.  but so super cute.  i think we need to cut it soon, but not sure that i am ready to make the first official move from "baby" stage.  we are so lucky to have the happiest baby in the world.
4. i wish i had a local lindt cafe to visit.  might have to make some more macarons next week.
5. that it needs to stop raining before tomorrow morning so that we can still go on our hike for young women's.

6. how funny it was when jaron opened up the most recent real living magazine only to find HIS deck!  i submitted some photos without telling him and he was totally shocked to see it in there!
7. how happy I am that my little brother has found his soul mate and eternal companion and that I will be privileged to see them wed in january next year :) (they really are happy about it!)
8. my next toms purchase - ash wedges.  so so so excited!
9. also exciting, a trip to the hairdresser next week.  very very very overdue and i'm going to see if they can pierce my ears while i am there so i can wear some pretties like these:
10. that i really need to knuckle down and finish up a few patterns ready to release at quilt market next month.  someone give me some more time!!!!


Unknown said...

The deck thing is pretty cool. The book deal is even cooler - I can't wait to get my hands on one of those.

Delightful Domestic Science said...

I'm resisting cutting Percy's baby hair too. It's

Helen Yann said...

I received my necklace yesterday and had to wear it straight away.I love it.Thank you!

The Neates said...

oli had hair like that, a really bad mullet for ages !! i couldnt bring myself to cut it for ages!!pip xx

The Bartons said...

wooo tones so much is going on!!!!! haha! whats up with your kids growing mullets? i wish codas hair would go grow.. even into a mullet haha! Good job on the deck j! looks awesome! TOMS shoes tones are soooo cute! i want some! CONGRATS TO TY!!!!! great news!!! xoxox

Amanda P said...

Congrats on the book, it looks great! I'm excited to get my hands on a copy.

sewtara said...

# 3 makes me laugh! My youngest's hair took forever to fill in, we finally took him for his first haircut in September just because of the party in the back. He'll be 2 in December and now it's finally filling in.

I didn't have a hard time with my oldest son's first haircut but this time it was harder :/

Kate Jury said...

I lobe the mullet! Zack also has one and matt is forever telling me to cut it but i love the baby hair before the first cut!

Sandy Addison said...

I saw that deck in Real living and thought it was amazing so well done to your hubby

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