Friday, 5 November 2010

.An Awesome Book.

I just received an email from Dallas Clayton, telling me about some AWESOME kids books he has written.
This excerpt is taken from his website...
"My name is Dallas Clayton. I wrote a book for my son about the idea of dreaming big and never giving up. I put it online and my whole life changed forever. Because of this I started a Foundation to give away one book for every copy of An Awesome Book I sell. Now I write children's books for a living, travel the world reading to kids, and spend my days having magical adventures. If you think there's an adventure I should be having please email me."
What a cool guy, great cause and seriously fun books!
You have GOT to watch this totally made me laugh out loud and smile a lot.  I'm off to order a copy of each of his books now to give the kids for Christmas!


Tanya said...

Breath of fresh air, that was lovely!

Corrie said...

that is funny and I love how he's donating a book for every one sold! oh and he's nice to look at too :)

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