Thursday, 18 November 2010

.Check back tomorrow :).

Aaaah, I'm breathing a big sigh of relief as I type this blog post because it means it is over!!  The last few weeks have been a marathon...designing, sewing and writing THREE new patterns, as well as having them tested and photographed by my trusty helpers.  I think I'm going to happily stick to one pattern at a time for awhile now!
I am off to Melbourne tomorrow morning, headed off to Quilt Market.  Still got a few last minute sewing bits and pieces to get done tonight, not to mention pack and clean the house!  Nothing like a deadline to make you work though!!  I'm excited to meet up and stay with Saffron Craig tomorrow and we will be joined by Kate and Becky on Saturday - so cool to finally meet my online friends in real life :)  And I get to catch up with all of my Creative Abundance buddies too - lots of fun to be had, I'm sure!
So, while I'm off having fun...stay tuned to the blog - I've got posts set up to go live at 7am for the next three days sharing my new patterns with you :)  
See you tomorrow!
Sunrise over the Yarra river, Melbourne


Rebecca Johnson said...

YAY!! Im excited!! i dont know how it works that.. when our hubbies leave for a couple days, they take a backpack..kiss us... and go....
HOWEVER, if mum leaves for a couple days... we have to clean the house, get groceries, organise kids clothes/bags, finish washing, pack our bags...organise kids church clothes, someone to teach our lesson, make sure the medicine is stocked etc etc...and the list is endless...( i must admit...i didnt get all this done... but maybe i should!!) xx See you Saturday!! xx

Amelia said...

Kate was telling me you guys are all meeting up ... so jealous!! Hope you have a wonderful time at Quilt Market.

SandyN said...

Have fun at Quilt Market...

Looking forward to seeing your new designs..


Karen said...

Have a great time - it is a lot fo work to get away but well worth it once you are there.
Enjoy hanging out with other like minds and eating meals that are hot and uninterrupted!!

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