Friday, 12 November 2010

.Christmas Citrus pOp!.

So, I'm not one for dressing up all festive.  
No Christmas t-shirts, flashing earrings or sparkly attire. 
BUT, I just couldn't help putting together some Christmas-inspired Citrus pOp hairpins and earrings.  
Really, I would wear these.  
Perfect for adding a subtle festive touch without going overboard!  And the best part is that they could easily be worn all year 'round :)
 ELF - Festive Hairpins (Etsy/Made It)
  ELF - Festive Earrings (Etsy/Made It)
And if you want to get some Christmas shopping out of the way early, Citrus pOp goodies make a lovely gift for a friend or perfect stocking stuffer.  I have remade some old favourites that have been sold out for awhile...

Mexican Sun (Etsy/Made It)
Silver Shadow (Made It/Etsy)
 Oceanside (Made It/Etsy)
 Milky Twilight (Made It/Etsy)


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