Saturday, 13 November 2010

.Designer Pillows.

We had a fun morning yesterday with Miss Fiona while she took photos for a couple of my new patterns.  I so love handing the photography for my patterns over to someone else.  Truth be told, by the time I get to the end of a pattern, I am usually feeling a little over it and it is refreshing to see someone else's interpretation of the pattern.  Helps me to get excited about the pattern again!
One of the photo shoots took place in my bedroom.  I have had this thing about having an all white bedroom for awhile now.  Totally not what is expected from me...a colour freak!  But I really like the clean look that white provides.  So I only buy white sheets and doona covers now and on our recent trip to Ikea we bought a new white bed and bedside tables.
It was all good until I decided that we needed to invite a bit of colour into the bedroom for the photo shoot and wrapped our pillows in some of my fabric stash.
Oh dear.  I REALLY like it.  Which totally goes against my white bedroom plans.  And now I am experimenting with all of my fabric stash, trying to find the right mix of fabrics to make pillow cases from.  Ooh, maybe I could change them every season?!!
And just to prove how make-shift these photo shoots are...this is the very technical way I attached the fabric to the pillows!  Which actually is a really handy way of visualising what feel the fabrics are going to contribute with the room!!


emma said...

Colour all the way - I use the same pin technique when deciding on new couch cushions!

Nel Dekker said...

Definitely change with the seasons, Toni! I have been doing that for years and it keeps the decor "fresh" and "new"....
See you soon!!

hello*lucky*holly said...

White is fresh base. Adding pop's of colour by switching up the cushions is the perfect solution. Developing a cushion library is a lot of fun!

Kate said...

What a fabulous idea. I like my white bed too, but some gorgeous fabric to liven it up would be perfect. I wouldn't want to get the fabric dirty by drooling on it though (I'm talking about my husband not me) :)

Allana said...

The pops of colour look fabulous with your existing white! Have fun playing! :)

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