Monday, 29 November 2010

.Citrus pOp Holiday Sale!

If you are a crafty blog reader, I'm sure you have visited U-Create once or twice.  To help you get your Christmas shopping done quickly and easily while picking up a bargain, U-Create have put together a spectacular Holiday Boutique - comprising of 50 different online stores offering exclusive discounts.

Citrus pOp is a part of the boutique and has a special offer just for you!
CITRUS POP HOLIDAY SALE...Buy any TWO items, receive a FREE pair of Mini Earrings!
Perfect opportunity to grab a special pressie for your family and friends :)
I've got RINGS in store now too - they are super cool!
Sleeping Princess Ring (Etsy/Made It)Raspberry Cream Ring (Etsy/Made It)
Budding Rose Ring (Etsy/Made It)
 Porcelain Earrings (Etsy/Made It)
 Rain Splash Necklace (Etsy/Made It)
 Clear View Necklace (Etsy/Made It)
 Oceanside Hairpins (Etsy/Made It)


Deer Little Fawn said...

Those necklaces are beautiful! :) x

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