Wednesday, 1 December 2010

.December Cool Shops! Mee a Bee.

Hello December!!!  It is really starting to feel like Christmas around here and we are all starting to get excited :)  I'm also very excited to have another round of Cool Shops! on board this month.
First up, let me introduce you to Mee a Bee...
Mee a Bee is run by Jacqui, a New Zealander living in Japan long-term with her husband and two children.  Jacqui designs and sews the most adorable messenger bags, tote bags, book and library bags for children.  That's right...they are child-size and the cutest thing ever!
One of the great advantages of being based in Japan is the charming fabric that Jacqui has access too (yes, I am jeslous!).  Mee a Bee uses the highest quality linens, linen & cotton blends and cotton canvas...all from Japan.  
I knew I would be in big trouble if I didn't choose the Pink Ballerina Messenger Bag for Lil!  And she was over the moon when it arrived and I told her the package was for her!  She was even more excited when she spotted ballerinas and popped it straight over her chest and filled it to the brim with little toys!
Seriously, these bags are the cutest thing ever!  The size is just perfect for little kids - big enough to store a few treasures in, but not too big to carry.  Lil's bag has already accompanied her to church, the shops, playgroup - she just loves it!
I was very impressed with the workmanship of the bag, it is impeccable and definitley does not look as though it was handmade.
Mee a Bee has lots of lovely girly bag designs to choose from...
Red Stripe Ballet Messenger Bag:
Woodland Deer Friends Messenger Bag:
And being a Mum of two boys, Jacqui has made sure the boys are not forgotten about here!!
Blue Robots Messenger Bag:
Robot Attack Messenger Bag:
I'm sure you can think of a little person or two who would love a Mee a Bee messenger bag!  I know we could do with a few more around here!!

Mee a Bee is giving my blog readers 10% off your order until the 31st December 2010!  Enter the code "SAVE10" at the checkout if you are ordering on the main website.  If you are ordering on Etsy, you will have to contact Jacqui for a refund.  Thankyou Jacqui!!!

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