Saturday, 4 December 2010

.December Cool Shops! StickyTiki.

{If you were wondering why I didn't do my next Cool Shops! review on the 2nd December, it is because I have decided to space them out a bit from now on...that way I don't go crazy writing reviews four days in a row and you can have a bit of time to browse their stores, enter giveaways, etc.}
The second Cool Shop! for December is StickyTiki...
Wall decals have been one of my most browsed shopping items online lately.  We have quite a few big blank walls left in our house that I'm not quite sure what to do with and really like the idea of some big wall decals to make a statement.
And I think I've found my answer...StickyTiki is a New Zealand based company run by Kim and Simon that create the most amazing wall decals from FABRIC!  Because they are made of fabric, they won't rip, wrinkle or damage your walls.  They adhere to any smooth surface and can be repositioned again and again...Iove the fact that your kids can play with them.  Mine haven't seen them yet (they were in bed when I started decorating the wall!) but I know that when they get up in the morning they are going to have a ball making new designs.  StickyTiki wall decals are even washable so I can wipe of any sticky fingerprints that are bound to appear and I just read on their website that they are also weatherproof so you can use them outside too!!  Instead of being totally computer generated, StickyTiki are handcrafted from Kim's own artwork, showing brush stroke detail and more of a painted look.
Being the green girl that I am, I selected the Retro-Kiwi set of decals to have a play with.  My original idea was to put them in Tommy's room and use them around the fabric-covered canvas above his wall to fill in some of the empty space.  Because he was in bed when I needed to take photos, we popped them onto part of our green hallway wall and I think I am  tempted to keep them there.  The good thing is that I know I can easily move them to Tommy's room and try them out because they are repositionable!  (Perfect for renters!)
We were amazed at how easy they were to apply.  They are not fussy at all and easily smooth out on the wall.  They can also be stuck on top of each other, which we did on some of the big plain circles at the top of the next picture:
StickyTiki are not too cute or sweet.  They are a little quirky and I have not seen anyone else doing the same kind of thing.
Some of my other favourite StickyTiki designs...
Sleepy Sheepy:
 Space Odyssey 19698:
 Dear Deer Tree:
 Hundreds and 1000s:
 A big thanks to Sticky Tiki for being a Cool Shop! on my blog.  Your work is awesome!

And a special offer to you today...for every purchase you make from StickyTiki, Kim will give you a FREE item from their exclusive StickyTINY range valued at $26.95!  After you have made your purchase, message Kim and let her know you want to take advantage of the offer!!

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