Monday, 6 December 2010

.Goodbye mullet and he finally walks.

Happy 18 month old birthday to you Tommy!  Lets discuss the last 18 months...
Everywhere we go, you are known as the "Smiley Boy".  I can't stop gushing over you and am worried that your little cheeks are getting sore from smiling so much.  You are truly the most adorable little thing ever.  Really.  If I could be guaranteed 10 of you I would probably have another 5 babies (don't want to push my luck, you know!)
Looking back at your grand entrance to the world, I am more sure than ever that you were premature.  You were mega-tiny and so sleepy.  
I love it that you are tiny because you still seem like a baby, when, in fact you are 1 1/2 years old.  This is good, because it means that I am not wanting for another baby yet.  The bad thing is that I'm not ready for you to grow up.  Which is why it was such a big deal to give you your first haircut.
Check out the divine mullet.  Truly adorable...but as you started to look more and more like a bogan, we knew it had to go.
So out onto the deck for Family Home Evening activity and Dad got out the clippers to trim your mane.  (The boys in our family will never go to the hairdresser...Dad is the resident barber and even cuts his own hair!)
It was a big, wriggly, squirmy, itchy job.  But he did it.
And then you looked like this...all refined and dignified.  And we were all in mourning for 1 week.  And then we got over it and realised that you looked super cute again and your huge smile made up for the lack of mullet at the back.
And then it was as if that big haircut gave you lots of strength (like the opposite to when Samson got his hair cut in the bible) and all of a sudden you decided that you would try and walk.  And after about 2 weeks you got pretty good and aren't as wobbly now but still fall over all the time.  And we clap and cheer "horray" every time you fall over and your smile gets bigger and bigger.
(and you are still wearing that suit that friend Danielle gave to us and you have been wearing it for 1 year!)


The Kings said...

oh Tommy - you are soooo cute! I love his hair cut and that's sooo exciting that he is walking!

Karin van D. said...

He looks adorable. With and without the mullet :-D

Carli said...

go tommy!!! see you next week!!

Our Busy Little Bunch said...

such a cutie! sounds a lot like my little guy :)

Nel Dekker said...

A beautiful story, right from a loving Mummy's heart.... Thank you Toni for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks so cute and grown up with a haircut! Very professional job by Daddy! Can't wait to see you guys. Lindax

randi---i have to say said...

oh so cute!

Anonymous said...

oh what a cutie. sounds a lot like my smiley boy. My son has a mullet and I need to cut it and can't bear it. there must be something with the name tommy, my twin brother's name is tommy and he was the happiest baby.

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