Monday, 13 December 2010

.More Afterglow and Coastal Breeze.

Happy Monday!  Only 12 sleeps until Christmas :)
Thought I would share some more Afterglow and Coastal Breeze sewing with you today.  
Here is Lil in the first Afterglow I worked out perfectly too - love it when that happens!!  She is one happy little girl wearing a "down" (long) dress to bed every night!

When I'm designing a new pattern and not sure that I am on the right track, I usually begin with some dodgy fabric in case it doesn't work out.  I wasn't sure how Coastal Breeze would turn out at the beginning so did my trial run using some stretch fabric I've had in the cupboard for about 6 months that I got on clearance for $2 per metre!

Once again, I was on a winning streak and this pattern was pretty much spot on first go aswell.  I'm kicking myself now because I LOVE how it turned out, and after wearing it a couple of times, threw it in the wash and the red band bled into the white fabric around it!  I had pre-washed the fabric and it still bled.  So annoyed.  It doesn't look terrible, but still noticeable.  

Lesson learned...don't use cheapo reds (or browns for that matter.)
I'm hoping to do some more Coastal Breeze sewing in the next few weeks to get the most out of our short Summer!

Make It Perfect Coastal Breeze pattern
Make It Perfect Afterglow pattern
Afterglow - Alexander Henry, Starflower in Calico
Coastal Breeze - fabric unknown


Fiona Harding said...

What's that thing on Lil's arm???
Is it a tattoo?????

You look GREAT in Coatal Breeze. Should have used one of these shots for the cover ;)

...of course, Jaron's sister looks gorgeous too :)

Emily said...

Love the blue stripes and shape of Coastal Breeze. How sad that the prewashed red ran. :(

Corrie said...

love them! especially your coastal breeze! it looks great, you can't go wrong with navy, blue and white can you. I'm thinking of doing it all in a solid navy because I love navy dresses!

sorry you get a short summer, ours stretches out to easter and I love summer so much!

Julie said...

try to get your hands on some Colour run remover. Worked a treat on a few of my washing disasters!

suze said...

hi- re the red dye running onto your white fabric....natural yoghurt! smother it on and watch it work. i know a lady that fixed a quilt with this trick. good luck;)

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