Friday, 21 January 2011

.Auction Showcase Friday.

A small change and information about payment of auctions or raffles...
We have suggested to auction holders that they modify the finish time of their auction to Monday at 9pm.  We're sure there are many people who have their eye on an auction or two who might be keen to make a last minute bid and not everyone wants to stay up until midnight!  Please check individual auctions to confirm finish time.
A note about PAYMENT...if you are the winner of an auction or raffle, please make sure that all payments are made into the Premier's Disaster Relief Fund.  In order to have your winning goods posted to you, you will need to show proof of payment to the owner of the auction/raffle. 
If you make your payment by Credit Card you will have an email sent to you.  This email should then be forwarded to the owner of the auction/raffle so that they can verify receipt number (for raffle winners) and/or payment amount (for auction winners).
If your payment is made by internet bank deposit transfer, you can save a pdf file at the time of making the transfer.  
In the worst case scenario (i.e. receipt email has been deleted or pdf of bank deposit has not been made) you can take a snapshot of your bank statement on their computer screen and crop the appropriate area so that it displays only the donation information.  That way, you are still sending proof of payment, but not viewing sharing your whole bank statement.
Also, if you are paying extra to cover postage, please make sure that this is paid directly to the auction/raffle owner.
Friday's Showcase: 

Pink Chalk Studio
A Cuppa & a Catchup
Button Galore
And so, I sew
Kate Conklin Designs
You had me at Bonjour

Nicobelle Design

Vermillion Rules (custom baby clothes quilt)

Chantal Vincent Art


The Bartons said...

Favorite showcase so far!!! haha xx

Chantal said...

Make it Perfect, you've made my Friday! C xo!

Karen said...

Toni thanks so much for including me in the showcase, very flattered to be among such company!

Exquisite Accessories said...

Oh there are so many talented people out there so many gorgeous items to bid on :))

fotoğraf çekimi said...

thank you very much

havuz said...

thanks a lot woman

peruk said...

thank you admin tih s is very well

fotoğrafçı said...

really good

çocuk montu said...

so beautfiul

toptan takım elbise said...

oo supper supper

maç özeti ve golleri said...

ı very lke tiihsssss

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