Thursday, 20 January 2011

.Auction Showcase Thursday.

The week is certainly rolling by, but you still have plenty of time to bid on those auctions!  While most auctions have reached extremely generous amounts or raffle entries, there are still plenty out there that need your love.  Remember, the whole purpose of this project is to raise money for those who have been affected by the devastating floods in Queensland - winning an auction or a raffle is just a bonus!
You may, for example, come across a really cute skirt up for auction but not have a little girl yourself.  Don't let that stop you from placing a bid - I'm sure you have a niece or granddaughter or friend with a little girl who would love it for their next birthday or Christmas.  Same goes for all of the auctions...if you don't want to keep the prize for yourself, give it to a friend for their birthday!
Also, please don't underestimate the value of a quilt.  Until you have actually made one for yourself, you have no idea how many hours it takes to put together.  Seriously, it takes me about 6 months to finish a quilt ;)  Not to mention the money involved, quilting is not a cheap craft (just don't tell your husband that!)  These women who are so lovingly donating quilts for auction have spent days and days painstakingly cutting, piecing, quilting and binding these beauties.

Enjoy Thursday's Showcase...

Ruby Victoria
The Red Thread - this is a MAMMOTH prize, I'm entering for sure!

Cut to Pieces


Stitch 'n' Bits

Simple Sunshine

Bears & Old Lace

Cluck, Cluck, Sew

Pint's Palette

The Mother Huddle


Posie Patchwork said...

All fantastic, what an amazing group you got together!! Check the endless talent, love Posie
PS i really want to win The Red Thread, so fantastic!!

Amelia said...

Another wonderful showcase Toni! Thanks for including mine :)

Regina said...

I would love to be added to your list. Here is my auction link it is for a Toddler dress pattern, Central Park by Moda charm pack and a spool of Superior Threads.

Please let me know if you'd like me to make any modifications to it. I'm attempting to add the button as well but haven't had luck yet.

Tina said...

I would love to have been able to add my quilt, but it is still as yet, unfinished. I'm more than happy for people to bid on the unfinished quilt and for it to be posted when done though :)

Any chance we can extend the auctions for another week? Let the slow people, like myself, catch up :)

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