Tuesday, 18 January 2011

.Auction Showcase.

So, a few things before I share some of the auctions and raffles that are being run now...
Um - THANKYOU all for pitching in and making these auctions awesome.  Seriously, when Carli and I decided to start this last week, we thought we might get 30 auctions and raise $1000 if we were lucky...but this is out of control C.R.A.Z.Y.  Really, it is fantastic, we are so excited about tallying up all of the final bid and raffle amounts and announcing a grand total.  What started with two sisters chatting one evening has turned into a massive global effort - we have women from the UK, New Zealand, the USA, Europe and of course Australia joining us.
What an awesome achievement for each of us to be able to do something to help from afar.  Particularly those of you who are stay at home Mums and not able to do much of a physical nature to help out with your little ones to care for.
But is hasn't ended yet!  Auctions will be opened until next Monday 24th January (Aussie time) so still plenty of time to place bids and purchase raffle tickets.  Remember, we are not looking for a bargain here - dig deep and give generously!
Please continue to spread the word - link the Master List to your blog and Facebook page...send out emails to your address book...tell everyone you know!  People won't find out about the auctions unless we let them know.  We sent out emails to some of our favourite big bloggers and are so grateful for the support they have shown by announcing the Auctions to their readers - thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
Remember we will be adding to the Master List every morning at 9am as long as we have new submissions.  Keep checking back every day to check out new auctions and raffles.  
Oh, and my awesome cousin Lisa has been working around the clock (literally) to create Facebook albums with pictures of every single auction to make viewing easier for you.  How cool is she?!!!  She is almost finished and the albums look great.  They are an easy way to get a quick overview of the items in each category.  You can find the link to each auction underneath the picture.   You can view all of the albums here.
Virginia has also started a Flickr group for all auction items - feel free to add your auction pics to it!  Thanks Virginia :)
And finally, quick note about bidding for items on Facebook - you can't leave a comment until you "Like" the individual's Facebook page.
Onto Tuesday's Showcase:

Craft Actually

Day to Day

Go Mama!

Froggy Girl Designs


A Crafty Fox

Hoppo Bumpo

Foxs Lane

Ruby Star


The Kings said...

I'm so blown away by the amount of things people have donated to auction. There are so many generous and talented people out there. Glad I can help in just a little way. I can't wait to hear how much was raised all together.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh wow, i've bid or bought raffle tickets for so many of the ones you show cased today, yippee. Love Posie

Exquisite Accessories said...

wow some great talented people out there I have to go & put my bid on some of them :)

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