Saturday, 15 January 2011

.The Oz Material Girls.

Thankyou Sarah for your touching guest post yesterday.  As the waters subside today, the clean up effort is enormous.  I can't even begin to imagine entire cities, towns and streets covered in mud and silt.  With small children of my own, my thoughts continually turn towards those with babies and toddlers and how difficult it must be to try and clean up your surrounds while making sure your children are safe and sound.

The Master List is looking amazing!!  Can't wait to share it with you on Sunday evening.  We have decided to make a change and have NO cut off date for joining in on the auctions.  If you would like to begin an auction any time next week, please email us as soon as your link is up and we will add you to the list.  The more the merrier :) 
When we sent out word about the auctions, one of the first people on board was Louise from The Oz Material Girls.  Louise had actually been thinking of doing something similar and wanted to involve her customers, especially those who don't have blogs or Facebook pages to run their auctions from.  Along with a few helpers, Louise has compiled hundreds of auctions, donated by generous individuals.  All of the auctions begin at $1 and there are so many gorgeous handmade items to choose from.  Obviously I couldn't share all of them with you, but here is a selection of the goodies they have up for grabs.
Thanks Louise and to all of the wonderful women who donated items to this auction.  You can see all of The Oz Material Girls auctions on their Facebook Page.

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Cass said...

It all looks so gorgeous! Wish I had a facebook account now. :)

Maa said...

I have added the button to my blog. I wish you all good luck and I hope you raise lots of money.
Bless you all. Maa.

Jelly Bean Books said...

So many on the Facebook community have banded together to raise funds in so many ways.
I've put together a list on my blog, this includes Facebook auctions and quite a few blog auctions already underway. Please take a look :)
~ Christine
Jelly Bean Jam: Noah's Ark - Raising funds for flood relief

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