Saturday, 15 January 2011

.An Auction Teaser.

I know a lot of you are hanging out for the Auctions Master List to be released - we are too!  Every time we get a new auction link sent through to us we are oohing and aahing over the awesome craftsmanship and variety of products that are out there to win.  

Seriously - you guys are going to LOVE it!  We are so excited and can't wait for tomorrow night.

We have over 150 participants so far, with many of them holding multiple auctions.  Carli is taking care of the master list and says that we are getting close to 300 individual auctions!  That is not taking into count The Oz Material Girls 250+ auctions on their Facebook page!  

For now, I just couldn't help myself and have put together a teaser of a few super cute, bright and happy auctions which are up and running now.  (Click on the corresponding number below the mosaic to head directly to their site). 

 Carli shares some of her favourite auctions so far on her blog today also.

See you tomorrow and keep checking the list next week as we add many more auctions!


Karen Chaplin said...

You're so naughty start the Auction now, the teaser is too much to many great items I can't wait to get bidding.
I vote for the Auction to kick off now......
But seriously well done for organising the auction it's superb and I hope we all bid well to raise lots of money for the QLD'ers

Anonymous said...

I Toni just wondering if I need to send you some image for the quilt I have for Auction?

My bidding is now at $ 350


gina marie said...

ahh, really nice of you toni/carli! you know I can't bid on every-single-thing! so MANY adorable things...lesigh. only if I am rich lol.

christine's question; I wondered the same, nobody is bidding on mine yet--started new blog just for this awesome fundsteam. hope the master list will help with traffic to my blog! keep up good job.

gina from

Tat said...

Will spread the word.

Julia said...

Toni, I've added a quilt to my auction with the two bags..
Can you email me on how the international postage collection works please..

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni,
I was at the tennis in Hobart on Friday and one of the semi-finalists promised to donate 5% of all her winnings from that tournament as well as from the Aus Open next week to the Premier's Flood Relief fund.

I don't get a lot of traffic, but I've linked to your auction information and hope it helps to raise more funds.
Good luck,

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