Thursday, 13 January 2011

.To Toni...From Jan.

Things are still busy, busy, busy around here.  I can't believe people are still emailing us wanting to help!  You guys are awesome.  Many of you are nervous that people won't bid on your auctions - don't fret!  We are doing our best to get as much exposure to the auctions as we can.  And don't worry if you think your auction items are small or won't raise a huge sum of money - every dollar helps...whether you raise $10 or $1000, you are still helping a family in need.  When all of the auctions are over, we will let you know what our grand total is.

If you are looking for the Auctions Master List, it will be up on Sunday.  We will continue adding to it until all auctions are listed so check back regularly.  There are already a few auctions up and running and so many awesome things to bid on!  I'll share some of them with you in the coming days. 

A quick note to International bloggers - you are MORE than welcome to join with us and hold an auction yourself.  We have got a few bloggers from overseas holding auctions already.  You can find out how to make an International donation here.  Please let us know ASAP if you wish to hold an auction on your Blog or Facebook Page.

I want to share with you some of my emails from Jan.   You may recall, Jan is in the midsts of the floods and emailed me 10 days ago asking if I would be interested in raising some awareness or collecting soft toys, pillowcases or other sewn items to donate to families who had lost everything.  
Jan's hometown - Chinchilla (photo source)
While staying with my sister in Sydney this week, we watched the devastation sweeping across Queensland on the television.  I told Carli about Jan's email and we remembered hearing about similar auctions that have gone on in the blog-world where concerned people have rallied together to make a difference.  We discussed a quick plan, said "how hard could it be?", emailed a few faithful contacts and voilla!  Here we are!  We are so grateful that you are helping us to spread the word and can't wait to see how many auctions come forth.
Jan's hometown - Chinchilla (photo source)

Back to Jan.  I forgot to email her and tell her that I had blogged about her!  The following morning I awoke to this email in my inbox...

11th January, 12:30am
Hi Toni, 

I just sat down to read through my favourite blogs and to have a read on facebook, not that I post often on there its more for reading than participating. This afternoon the rain began again, and this time after the horrendous flash flooding in Toowoomba and news flashes, I stood at my kitchen window wondering how the business owners and locals will face another night of watching the water creep up yet again. At about 6pm the call came through that help was needed, so my husband and son headed out the door, while my phone was ringing constantly with concerned friends and family who are scattered across Australia checking that we were okay.

We are lucky as we for the time are safe, I've pretty much emptied out my fabric collection, but that's okay, because I know I can get more, and fabric is for sharing, so when I read your post I had such a smile, thank you doesn't seem adequate. This damage to the community has hit home, because its not on the other side of the world, nor is it in another state, but its down the road, its effected the little coffee shop I would sit in, the quaint post office with the bench seating were locals would sit and chat till opening time, people who took great pride in their piece of Australia, homes that children had grown in, walls that were lined with family memories, photos from holidays, cherished heirloom's.

But Aussies are graced with the ability to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and try again. A friend once sent me a poem which she found online it was I think she said an old Indian Poem-Ode.

"This day is a special day, it is yours.
Yesterday slipped away, it cannot be filled anymore with meaning.
About tomorrow nothing is known.
But this day, today, is yours, make use of it.
Today you can make someone happy.
Today you can help another.
This day is a special day, it is yours."

Toni you have certainly made this day yours....Jan

Jan's hometown - Chinchilla (photo source)

11th January 11:30am

Hi Toni, 

Im so glad people are excited. I woke this morning to see the horrendous devastation with lost lives and people missing. Unfortunately it meant a quick trip to see what might be left in our local supermarket, as we live here in Chinchilla our road is cut off, as to reach here you go through Toowoomba, Dalby and then on to here. So we wont be seeing any deliveries anytime soon. 

The other week Charlies Creek rose and effected homes and businesses, and again it has risen edging closer yet again. 

So many towns are gone. We see images from overseas when a catastrophe occurs, we nod in sympathy, we discuss it but as quickly as it comes it leaves us, often recalled with vague memories. But this is here, in our own backyard, its more tangible, that's why a community such as the blogging, and the woman who leave lasting impressions pulling together is what its all about. As I said "Fabric is for sharing". 

The Flood Releif fund will be boosted because "Crafters Care".
Shall talk again Toni :) 

Thankyou so much Jan for your inspiration and motivation.
Jan's hometown - Chinchilla (photo source)

{P.S. I'm heading off to be a leader at a girl's camp for my church today and won't have access to the computer until Saturday.  Carli is going to man the inbox while I'm away and she will be able to answer all of your questions.  Our good friend Sarah will be guest blogging here while I am away and she is also going to help us with some admin and promotion work.  Thanks Carli and Sarah - you guys rock!!}


Becky said...

Thanks Toni (and Carli). I have an auction running now, and as you said I was worried my blog would not get enough exposure but after watching the news and seeing the photos I thought anything was better than nothing.

Take care, and have fun at camp :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Ladies, it's our pleasure to help. My patchwork quilt auction & big crafty raffle are up & live, so happy i can help in a small way. Love Posie

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Great stuff Toni and Carli. I'll check back on Sunday to find the link to the master list and will add to the Shop The Flood post on Bondville ( Or email me if you have it sooner; would love love love to add it and help promote all these auctions! x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for organising this. I am setting up an auction on my blog today. I have copied text from you about how to bid... hope that's ok! Best wishes to all affected and all helping in whatever way xxx

virginia said...

hi toni!

i would love to set up a flickr group with pictures of all the items being auctioned, so people can see in one place, pictures of all the things they can bid on (as a way to increase awareness of all the auctions going on). Is this something you would be interested in?
please let me know


Linda said...

Very powerful photos, words and the poem is wonderful. My heart goes out to all the people affected by these floods. Lost lives, lost homes, lost possessions, animals and memories. God bless you all. I hope the auctions raise some dollars that can be used to relieve folk in a practical sense.

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have an Auction up and running (thanks to your text too by the way)
And I have one bid! I am exited as I have such a little blog.
It feels good to be doing something practical to help. Thank you :)

Christine said...

Hi! I am auctioning a necklace on my site, I just posted it.

Tina said...

Hi Toni, I got your comment and have emailed you :) Thanks again.

Helen Stewart said...

Thanks so much for this idea. I'm going to go through my stash tonight and post an auction later. I have hardly any blog readers but I just want to do something to help.

Bluebell said...

Hello, I am in England and I cannot begin to understand what you are all feeling, I feel quite useless, but I will check the auctions and I am sending Jenny crafting goods for her relief packs and I have donated to the relief fund.
Love Jillx

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