Sunday, 13 February 2011

.Can I share one last birthday gift with you?.

I know I've told you that my new sister-in-law is amazingly talented in an artsy way.  

You should see the brilliant sketches she does.  (Jaron - being the designer that he is - saw some house designs that she was sketching up last week and was very impressed.)

She just has a knack for all things creative.

And being the creative soul that she is, Samantha made me a very special canvas art for my birthday.

Isn't is perfect?

Did you know that she cut out each of those butterflies by HAND?!  No paper punches here, each little paper butterfly meticulously cut out using a pair of scissors.  I love the colours that she has chosen.  Soothing and relaxing.  And colours I would not usually choose myself, but wish that I would choose because I love the subtle, earthy colours but can't help myself and always go for the super brights instead.  The house needs a bit more earth.

Love it Sammy!  Thanks!


Knicky Knacks said...

Just gorgeous. I know only too well the concentration required to cut out those butterfly templates by hand. It's well worth it though. The colours and her arrangement of them is beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

the woodwards said...

can you tell Miss Sam that my birthday in dec... thanks xx

Jelly Bean Books said...

Just beautiful. ~ Christine

Exquisite Accessories said...

ooh Happy Birthday Toni!! wow isn't she clever I love it & the colour tones enjoy looking at that birthday girl :)

Sarah said...

That is so beautiful, what a talented sister in law you have! And Happy Birthday Tones!!! It looks like you had a great day. All the best for a wonderful year ahead for you and your family!

Virginia said...

The colours she's used are divine - this is so beautiful and understated, I love it!

Ana said...

That's a lovely card. I can also imagine something along the same lines but much bigger, say A2 or A1 size as a kind of fake butterfly collection, to hang on the wall - that would look great!

gift delivery Philippines said...

Cool gift ideas! Wish someone also send me like that. Anyway, I've been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.


printed coasters said...

These are gorgeous arrangement. And those butterfly templates are great colored. Arranging in white background is totally unique idea for me on this Christmas.

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