Tuesday, 15 February 2011

.Two things.

#1.  Did you know the 2011 Handmade Olympics is happening over at RikRak Studio?  The Olympics are divided into eight categories and you can vote for your favourite in each section.
The Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions have made it into the finalists for the "Forwarding Kindness Thru Handmaking" category!  Head over to cast your vote!

#2.  I'm sure you all know that Boy Month starts tomorrow.  Dana and Rae have an awesome round-up of boy-friendly crafts to share with us...and I will be joining them on Rae's blog later on in the month!  Stay tuned as there are going to be lots of boy stuff to get making.


Exquisite Accessories said...

Ooh boy stuff will take a peek at that good for them!!
Will also have a nosey at the Olyimpic link too :))

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