Friday, 25 February 2011

.Help for Christchurch.

I'm sure that most of you have been as I have the last few days...staring at the television screen in disbelief over what awful destruction has taken place in Christchurch, NZ after the earthquake struck earlier in the week.  I can't begin to imagine the fear and heartache that so many people are dealing with at the moment.

A group of crafty women from New Zealand have rallied together and are running Handmade for Christchurch to raise much needed money which will go toward the Christchurch Womans Refuge and The Salvation Army.

On the 27th February, quality handmade items will start being loaded to Trade Me - where you can go to start bidding on items.

If you would like to join in and do something to help, visit the Handmade for Christchurch Facebook page for more information.

You might have something that you have made that you would like to auction off to help raise money - all details can be found on Facebook.

I know how much good we did as a crafty community for the Queensland floods - lets do the same for Christchurch!

Edit: If you are interested in donating Softies for the Children of Christchurch - click here.


Leonie said...

we are also doing a call out for softie's for the children in Christchurch. I was in the floods in Queensland, before returning to NZ and saw all the great things that the handcrafted community did for the people there, so wanting to share the love here in NZ.
This is the link for anyone interested - we have people contributing from all over the world.

quilary said...

It will be great to be able to participate to help our friends in New Zealand. Congratulations too, I just saw that the rikrak studio recognised your organisation of the flood auctions!

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