Wednesday, 25 May 2011

.May Cool Shops! Bloom.

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One of the things I love about my Cool Shops, is that I get to discover a whole heap of new shops that I'm not sure I would have otherwise found out about.  I was especially excited when I was contacted by Kerrie from Bloom...

Bloom fabrics is different from your usual fabric shops.  At Bloom, their aim is to bring you beautiful, top quality fabrics which are aimed at apparel sewing from around the world.  As I delve deeper into the world of clothing sewing, I realise that although quilting cottons are lovely and offer a lot of great designs, there is a limit to what you can sew with them in terms of clothing.  Bloom fabrics offers a wonderful range of fabrics to suit all of your clothing sewing needs.

When I'm being offered fabric or other crafty material for my Cool Shops review, I always like to make sure that I get something I am actually going to use.  No point it sitting on the shelf and gathering dust.  If I am really organised, I'll even manage to sew something up, which wasn't the case this time, but I'll be sure to show and tell as soon as I've got something share!  I'm really looking forward to cutting into these fabrics and have great plans for both of them.  
The Black Organic Jersey Knit is destined to become a comfy, stretchy skirt for winter.  I'm wanting to make a whole heap of these with different variations that are easy to wear with tights or stockings and my boots.  The lovely Mid-Grey Hilco Velour is going to become a pair of track pants.  Seriously, my kids have way too many clothes...time for more sewing for myself!!  Both of these fabrics are of superior quality.  I especially love the thickness of the velour and know that I'll get a lot of wear out of the track pants.

Bloom proudly stocks a large range of certified organic fabrics in both Australian-Made Combed Cotton Jersey:
and Printed Woven Cottons:
I love the selection of gorgeous Stenzo Pinwhale Corduroy and can see some cute little girl dresses, little boy pants and perhaps a lovely jacket for Mum out of these:

If you're looking for great Knits, you'll find a range of different types such as jerseys, velours and viscose:
You'll also find a great selection of Seersucker fabrics, Farbenmix ribbons and trims, Japanese Sewing Magazines and Ottobre Magazines in store.

You won't want to miss Bloom's great Make It Perfect offer - for the next month, Bloom is giving Make It Perfect readers a massive 20% off all products!!  Now is the time to stock up for all of that winter sewing!
(Offer valid from 25th May-24th June, use code "perfect7" during checkout.)

Important Bloom Links:
Retail store - "Gathering"
8 Panmure St, Newstead, VIC 3462


Belinda said...

Oh, what a shame, I can't get into the website..... looks like lovely fabric!

Shannon said...

That adorable printed woven cotton is to DIE for! That precious little bird and his footprints (aw). Now, I really wish I had taken the plunge and moved from the states to teach in Australia (sigh). I will just save my pennies for shipping and hope there is yardage left to purchase. Thansk for sharing!!!

whoFilets said...

I live all the way in America, but Bloom looks really pretty. When I saw the printed woven of a little bird (like a sandpiper?) on a yellow stripe I literally gasped!

whoFilets said...

Oh! I see that it was a Cloud9 fabric. So I guess it's old news, but it's new to me, and I can't seem to find a lot of stockists, so I'm excited to see this!


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