Monday, 15 August 2011

.Can't get enough of the Basic Tee!.

Welcome to round two of my Basic Tees show and tell!  Hope you're not sick of them yet because I've got ideas for plenty more swimming around in my head!
Lil has reached a stage where she can't smile naturally for the camera and does all of these weird sort of smiles!  It's cute and cracks me up!  This tee is a View B - I've used contrast fabric for the sleeves and neck binding again though.

FABRIC = Stella knit in Blood Red, Spot knit unknown
I love these Hilco Campan stripes.  They add a lovely punch of colour and interest to a plain tee. 
This tee was supposed to be a short-sleeved version of View A, but I forgot to cut short sleeves!  It is still cold here and Tommy needs more warm tees so I don't mind :)
The applique on this one is out of knit fabric using a triple stitch around the edge again.  This time I got a silhouette of a stegosaurus to make the applique, but it looks a bit like a hedgehog or a shrub now that it is finished - oops!  One of the few words Tommy can say is "dinosaur" so I thought it fitting that he got a dinosaur shirt.
FABRIC = Hilco Campan knit in Chocolate/Lime, Stella knit in Chocolate
Oscar's second tee is a View C - boy's long-sleeve with short-sleeve overlay and contrast neckline and double hem.
 This was a bit of a mix-and-match tee - I didn't have enough of the stripe left to use for the contrast hem so added a bit of grey instead and tied it together with a baseball cap applique.  Same deal as usual - found the silhouette online and used triple stitch in green to sew it on and add lines for detail.  (Please try to ignore the blue fabric marking pen that hasn't been washed off yet!!!)
 He is very pleased with his new threads :)
FABRIC = Stella knit in Ink and Grey Marle, Hilco Campan knit in Petrol/Lime
And for anyone wanting fabric details for the two tees used in the pattern cover shots, they are listed below:
FABRIC = Stella knit in Chocolate, Hilco Campan knit in Petrol/Lime
FABRIC = Stella knit in Pastel Pink, Hilco Campan knit in Hot Pink/Aqua
Hopefully these blog posts have given you some inspiration for sewing Basic Tees - there is SO much you can do with this pattern, from keeping them plain to going crazy with colour and embellishments...I warn you that once you start you'll be hooked!!

For anyone wanting to order a copy of Basic Tees now - you can do so at one of the following stores:

And don't forget to leave the comment "make it perfect" with any knit purchase from Crafty Mamas for the month of August and you'll receive a free gift!


Crafty Mama said...

Lovely tees Toni!

Your pattern has just arrived today in store, I'll be sewing it up later today :)

Carli said...

I'm not looking at the shirts, cool as they are, I'm looking at the kids! Tommy you rockstar! And Liken your moves Osc. Lil, you sweet thing.

Anonymous said...

Toni! You are a superstar! I absolutely LOVE this pattern!! Cute models too! Linda xx

Melissa said...

I love it too Linda! I like that its something that my kids wear everyday. Hope its an easy one for me to tackle! x

Domestic Artisan said...

Such a great pattern, can't wait to get my hands on one : )

Monique said...

Got all my fabric.. just waiting on this awesome pattern and I am ready to go.

Sonja said...

Love that spot knit tee. This realy is great pattern, resulting in nice unique tees :)

Kylie C said...

I'm loving all your tee's. Your colour choices and appliques are just fantastic. Kyie C

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