Monday, 8 August 2011

.Expressions of Love.

Try watching this without smiling:

Now go and show that special someone that you love them.
(Loads more Mormon Messages here.  I can never stop at one!)
(Full transcript of inspirational talk by Richard G. Scott here - read it, it is beautiful.)


Sandra said...

I luv this, thanks for sharing :)

Di said...

Thank you Toni - that was just beautiful!

Carli said...

This cracks me up a ladle-full. It reminds me of Perfect Match.
I love Elder Scott.

Kel said...

I love your patterns and your blog. I love some of the other Mormon message vidoes I've seen in blogs, I don't know why but as I watched this one my mind kept going to a some dear lesbian fiends of mine whose love seems eternal too.

Kate said...

Thanks so much for posting this. It was gorgeous!

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