Thursday, 13 October 2011

.Run, Noah, Run.

Today I had the honour of joining with hundreds of other people in saying goodbye to my cousin (and dear friend) Lisa's son, Noah.
Photograph from here
Noah was born with hydranencephaly (you can read his story here) and he has been a fighter from the day he was born.  His life expectancy was 2-4 years, but this little boy showed the world what he was made of and lived for 10 wonderful years.  Surely he was living, breathing, and his heart was beating for the love his family showed for him.
Lisa with her four boys - source
The last week has been emotional as we have joined together with the King family to mourn the loss of their sweet boy.  Today it was a privilege to be among those who united to celebrate the life of Noah King.  Noah was an amazing little boy who taught life lessons to those around him without ever saying a word.

Through Noah, I have learned that your worst fear could actually become your greatest blessing.  That every single person living on this earth is of great importance and deserves the love of those around them.  I've had the blessing of watching those I care for go through difficult times whilst still remaining optimistic.  I've learned that Heavenly Father places angels like Noah on earth to remind us to slow down and smell the roses and make the most of every special moment we have with those we love.
Noah's balloons

Noah's funeral today was perfect.  A true celebration of an angelic boy who was a gift from God, sent to earth for 10 short years but will be remembered for eternity.

During the funeral service, Lil (who, for the last 6 months has had an obsession with talking and asking questions about death and dying) drew pictures of Noah, his Mum and his Dad.  I love Noah's wheelchair legs and I'm not sure why Aaron looks like a caterpillar!!  Towards the end of the day, Lil also declared that "today is the best day ever!" - and she was was the PERFECT way to celebrate the life of a PERFECT child.

Those who know Lisa well, will at some time or another have had a jab at her about taking a gazillion photos of absolutely everything!!  Today I learned that one can NEVER take too many photos - Lisa, you keep snapping away.  Photographs are memories and memories last forever.
Photograph from here
Run free sweet Noah.  'Till we meet again.


VeeBee said...

Oh Toni, thank you for sharing. It was hard to read through my tears but such a lovely tribute.


Tanya said...

Toni, what a beautiful post. Enjoy your memories of Noah, and may you continue to be a good friend to his mum, because she'll be needing her mates x

melandpeter said...

Thanks for the post. I've been crying on and off all day as I've been thinking of the Kings and you all over there. The balloon releasing was a brilliant idea! Lil is a crack up. The caterpillar Aaron is so random hey! x

Carli said...

Beautiful. Love from Hiroshima x

Mairi said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you. A wonderful reminder that God's wisdom is far beyond our own. Noah is now truly whole and running free.

Nel said...

Noah, an angel unawares....... These are only sent to very special people!

The Kings said...

Oh Lil - I love your photo and it really was 'the best day ever' for Noah :) Thanks for coming and sharing the day with us Tone. Love you. xxx

Emma Thomsen said...

I follow but don't comment often, but couldn't leave without commenting this time. Thinking of you all on a very special day, with love!

Natalie said...

What a beautiful post and such a sweet, sweet boy. You really touched me today and I'll say a prayer for Lisa, the rest of the family and little Noah, running free and laughing!!

Melinda said...

Nice tribute.

Di said...

What beautiful words, Toni. Noah sounds so loved! Many people have lived their whole lives and not left such a legacy as young Noah. God bless him!

Sheena said...

What a beautiful post. I am sure Toni is loved by many. I wish you and all his family patience during these hard times.

Corrie said...

oh I've just cried reading all of that, what a sweet boy. I've visited the blog before and was so touched by his photos. Such a beautiful boy and story but so sad to know he has left this earth. A beautiful post for a beautiful boy

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