Sunday, 9 October 2011

.Oscar Is Six!.

Friday marked the 6th birthday of our big boy!  Hard to believe we have been muddling our way through this parenting business for 6 whole years now, we are so proud of our practical, fun-loving boy!  Oscar has been Lego-crazy for a few years now, so we decided on a Lego-themed birthday party for him and a few of his little buddies from school.
I made the invitations using some Lego Minifigure images from this blog (really cool, ready to print memory game here if you are interested) and printed them out A5 size on cardboard...(feel free to use these images if you want to use them for a party - I know Lego is the flavour of the month for many little boys out there!)
Front of invitation
Back of invitation
I'm a bit of a sucker for these message banners and made another one to surprise Oscar when he woke up in the morning...(I've got a LOT of scrapbook paper that I don't use much anymore and feel happy putting it to good use!)
The decorations were simple, aside from the banner, I blew up a handful of balloons and made some funky Legoman Kirigami shapes using a template from here.
The party started right after school, so we started with some food and milkshakes...
(not sure if the other mothers want pics of their kids on my blog!)
We had a few games organised, but after playing pass-the-parcel and pin-the-hat-on-the-lego-man, the boys were more interested in playing outside - kicking the balls around and jumping on the trampoline so that's what they ended up doing! 
After a run around outside, they came back in and each made a mini pizza for dinner, then more playing outside while the pizzas were cooking.  Then it was time for pizza and singing happy birthday and CAKE!
You'll know by now that my birthday cakes are very maker-friendly...I've had enough stressful moments in the past with elaborate cakes not working out how I imagined so like to keep it low-key now! 
Oscar was happy with cupcakes, so cupcakes it was!
I did jazz them up a bit by making cupcake wrappers using leftover paper from the banner and this template - thought they looked super cute and a nice change from regular cupcake liners that never look very nice once the cake has been cooked.
The cupcake toppers were made using the same images from the invitations.  If you want to use these toppers yourself, click on the link below to download the document.  I printed two copies of 12 toppers and laminated them, then stuck them either side of the stick so that there wasn't a "back" side to the cupcakes.

Click here to download Lego Man Cupcake Toppers
And after the action-packed afternoon, all that was left to do was to blow out the candles!!
Happy Birthday Oscar J!!  We hope you love every moment of being six and can't wait to do it all over again next year!!! xxx


The Kings said...

Very cool birthday! Looks like he had a great day.

Jody of Because I'm Me said...

Happy Birthday to Oscar. And I love your house, it's so pretty and modern.

Oon said...

Happy birthday, Oscar!
6 years ago, we got a little girl, who was going to be called Oscar if she had been a boy. It's still one of my favourite names.

Emily said...

Happy birthday Oscar! What a fun party. :)

Kayla Christie said...

happy birthday oscar!

Kayla Christie said...

happy birthday oscar!

Anonymous said...

Awww...this looks like FUN! If only I came down a week earlier. Looks like Oscar had a great day. He suddenly looks very old and handsome. Love you Osc!!!

Aunty Filly x

LionessLady said...

Fabulous party Toni. Thanks for sharing the links. I am in lego party planning mode myself right now getting ready for the end of October.

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