Saturday, 28 January 2012

.Pray for the Kings.

(King family Leanne)
Yesterday my sweet cousin, Lisa lost her soul mate and best friend.
You may remember in October Lisa also lost her son, Noah.  We are all in shock and disbelief that something so tragic could happen to such a beautiful, healing family.  I know a lot of you follow Lisa's blog and know that she truly is a Super-Mum.  She is going to need all of the love and support that we can give her right now as she carries on through the next weeks and months.
Naomi, of Seven Cherubs has thoughtfully set up a bank account to take donations for Lisa and the boys.  If you feel inclined to do something to help, please help ease the burden and donate some money.  Every little bit will help.
Lisa, we love you and have such fun and fond memories of Aaron as a husband, father and friend. 


Country/City Boy said...

Thanks Tone, he will be sorely missed by our family and all who knew him. Can't believe he is gone.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Toni.
We will miss our beautiful funny man Aaron.
I just can't get my head around it as yet.
He leaves such a huge hole in our family, and we are all so sad for Lisa and the boys.
We all loved him so much and will continue to honour his memory every day.
I just can't find the words to express how I am feeling at the moment, but one is Thank You for spreading the word.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Button Grass said...

oh my god...I have just found out about this. My heart is breaking for Lisa and the boys and everyone else who knew and loved Aaron. So sorry to hear. Am praying for you marnie

Anonymous said...

It made me tear up to read about Lisa's loss.

Its not much comfort, but I think that a teacher will not give a tenth grade student a twelfth grade paper. And all teachers ask the toughest questions to their favorite students.

Sending good wishes and strength to your family.

Kathryn said...

Just so very shocked at this tragic loss. I just so feel for Lisa and the boys. I know Aaron will be missed by all who knew him and his great sense of humour. I just simply can not believe it. Lisa, know our prayers are with you, even from clear over the other side of the word and the other side of heaven!

rachelmp said...

So sad for them all x

The Coull Family said...

Toni, I am just so sorry to hear this sad, sad news. It is just unimaginable. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, especially for Lisa and her boys. xxx

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