Tuesday, 27 March 2012

.Things I'm Crushing...Easter.

It's just over 1 week away and I've been busy pinning lots of Easter inspirational ideas and images.  Truth be told, I probably won't do anything Easterish this year (besides eating chocolate and maybe baking a batch of hot cross buns)...but a bit of eye candy never goes astray!
Happy Easter!  Are you organised?  I bought my Easter Eggs online a couple of weeks ago - got some great bargains and I didn't have to try and smuggle them into the trolley without the kids seeing!  AND I haven't eaten any of them yet!!!

(All image sources - and more Easter inspiration, can be found on my Easter Pinterest board)


Susanne said...

I love Pinterest, one place I can get lost and it seems like minutes, but actually an hour or two has passed. I love these ideas. I especially like the one with the egg carton full of plastic eggs and the healthy snacks for youngsters. How clever is that as a way to get them to eat good things!
Susanne :)

Lotti said...

What gorgeous easter goodies. They are so beautiful and lovely to look at.

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