Tuesday, 24 April 2012

.KCWC - Day 1 achievements.

Well, I decided to join in on Kids Clothing Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley.  I'm going to use the week to sew some much needed items of clothing for the kids...things that sit in my "to sew" list for a long time but other more exciting projects always seem to overtake!

Some of my list includes:
  • long-sleeved tops/short-sleeved tshirts for Tommy 
  • long-sleeved tops for Oscar 
  • undies for Lil
  • church pants for the boys
  • leggings for Lil
  • PJs for Tommy
  • baby clothes (not for me!)  
Yesterday was Day 1 for me (a little earlier here in Australia!) and I churned out a few pairs of undies for little girls.  I cut 10 pairs (6 for Lil and 2 each for my nieces) and managed to get 6 pairs finished last night.  The other 4 are half-done...all that attaching waistband and leg binding was becoming a bit monotonous so I'll have a break and finish them later in the week!
 I limited myself to the knits scrap basket for these, so they are all pretty similar to last time.  It doesn't really matter what kind of knit you use for the undies, as long as the waist and leg bands have a good hit of lycra in them - Stella is great for this.
I'm feeling accomplished and happy to (almost) tick something off my "to sew" list! And it seems that those little girls are happy to be taking some new undies home to Sydney with them today!

That *Darn* Kat Undies Pattern
Scraps of knit fabric from Patty Young/Stella/Upcycled tshirts


Max of Max California ★ said...

So cute. I made my own pattern for little boxers for Vince, but I have the That Darn Kat pattern too so I might make some of these also!

Sherry said...

They are so so so so so CUTE!
I wanna make some too!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

these came out so cute! I have been wanting to make underwear for the kiddos for some time now, I love you yours came out.

Ellieboo said...

Ooooh my goodness that are the sweetest undies EVER!

Karen said...

you got lots done Toni - they really are the cutest undies, my girls say they are very comfortable.

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