Monday, 30 April 2012

.KCWC - the end.

The last two days of KCWC were pretty light-on, sewing wise (but busy in every other regard!) I did manage to finish off these church pants for Oscar and Tommy. 
They were started a few weeks ago and were put on the back-burner so this was a good excuse to pull them out and finish them off.
Both pairs are a little roomy at the moment, which is how I want them.  So that they will fit for at least a year, maybe more.  Because they only wear them for half a day every Sunday I know that they will last forever and am looking forward to using Oscar's hand-me-downs for Tommy.
The pattern is my High Flyers boy's pants.  It isn't a difficult sew, but quite time consuming with loads of detail.  I used suiting fabric from a local fabric store (not sure what it is exactly though).  Oscar's is a little thin so I'm considering popping on some knee patches just to make sure they hold up.
Here are my two happy little boys (one is apparently obsessed with teeth brushing at the moment!)
KCWC was a great way to get stuck into some "necessary" sewing.  Although it seems rather boring compared to most of the other things I usually sew, it feels good knowing that I've used up some of my supplies to make some much needed clothes for the kids and means that I don't have to go to the shops - yippee!

P.S. Looks like someone else got all enthused and sewed some High Flyers for her boys during KCWC too - how funky are they??!


thingsforboys said...

nice work! Love the bar feature

rachelmp said...

I can't believe how much you achieved. Nice work Toni and the boys look great

justmejay said...

Love your High Flyers - & thanks for the link to mine!


Carli said...

Tommy brushing his teeth!!! Can he come and live with me!!

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