Tuesday, 1 May 2012

.A Poppy Parade - Day 1.

I considered sharing my latest three Poppy Tunics in one blog post, but was finding it hard to condense the number of photos I was using, so instead...let's have a Poppy Parade for the next three days!

This first Poppy Tunic is a birthday present for my little sister, Filipa who turns 28 today.  Happy Birthday Filly!!! She is pretty pregnant at the moment, so I'm not sure if she will be able to squeeze it on but I'm sure it will be good and comfy to wear post-baby!

I loved this fabric-combo so much and was seriously considering holding onto it for myself!  The denim is brilliant to work with and easy to wear.  I've had this Anna-Maria Horner fabric in my stash for aaaages and always thought I didn't like it, but I'm loving it in this tunic!

I'm seriously addicted to this pattern.  I love making the tunics and have been wearing mine to death and am just about to choose some more fabric for my next one!  It is so much more comfortable to wear than jeans on a cold day! 

Make It Perfect, Poppy Tunic pattern
Indy Mid Blue 6GSM Light Weight Denim
Anna Maria Horner, Innocent Crush, Shattered in Circus


miamihoney said...

Aww, this is too adorable! Love it!

The Kings said...

Loving the hair swish! :)

Jessica Oliveto said...

I just got some shot cotton to make a tunic for me to wear post baby! It may be a bit harder to nurse in, but it certainly seems to be a flattering option for me!

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