Tuesday, 8 May 2012

.Finished Quilt.

Remember my latest loungeroom cushions?  I finished my matchy-matchy quilt over the weekend.
After the cutting and piecing was done, I hand-quilted the entire thing.  Long and slow.  Just the way I like it, something "busy" to do when I want to watch a bit of TV!
Mum helped me come up with a design for quilting, I divided the quilt into quarters then quilted big rectangles within rectangles in each of the quarters.  I used white perle 8 thread and love the chunky stitched look.
I couldn't picture anything other than plain white for the binding and am really happy with the sharp frame that it gives.
The quilt is a great size, measures 76" x 64"...not too big or too small, ready to keep us snuggly in Winter and good enough to use in cubby house building!  What more could we ask for?!

Umbrella Prints, Floating Flowers
Umbrella Prints, Elephants
Umbrella Prints, Raindrops
Erin McMorris, Summersault, Pixiestick Posies in Turquoise
Erin McMorris, Summersault, Raindrops in Celery
Erin McMorris, Wildwood, Checked Floral in Green
Saffron Craig, Magical Lands, Magic Spots
Lizzy House, 1001 Peeps, Pearl Bracelet in Purple
Jennifer Moore, Monaluna, Hip to Be Square in Steel
Erin McMorris, Summersault, Pinwheels in Midnight
Kona Solids in White


Kelly O. said...

gorgeous! I wish I had the patience to hand quilt--but I do love to handstitch my bindings!

Anonymous said...


Mommafo said...

That is amazing. :) Very pretty!!

The Kings said...

very pretty!

Angie Clare said...

This is beautiful. Simple, yet fresh and exciting. A perfect snuggle quilt for the lounge!

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

I love love love it! :) Looks fabulous! Inspiring me for my new lounge cushions to do a matching quilt!

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