Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I don't know about you, but cold weather makes me want to break out some yarn and get knitting.  I haven't had a lot of success with knitting in the past (not meaning I've had failures, but I just haven't known where to go for good patterns).  I happened across this book, "Bright Young Things" by MillaMia a few weeks ago.  I couldn't stop flicking through the pages and was super keen to find some good yarn and knitting needles and get to work!
Lucky me was sent a copy of the book direct from MillaMia to review and share with my readers!  
If you're looking for some modern knitting inspiration, then look no further.  MillaMia's patterns are amazing - they are stylish and cute, definitley something that I'd want my kids to wear.  I want to knit one of everything for my kids.  The instructions look really clear and easy to follow but lucky for me, my Mum is a super-star knitter so if I get stuck or lose momentum I've got technical support right at hand!  
My first project is going to be the Pernilla Dress for Lil.  How adorable is it?  
Here are some of my other favourites from Bright Young Things:
MillaMia have two other sensational knitting pattern books, "Wonderland" and "The Close Knit Gang" - take a look at some of the lovelies in these books:
MillaMia's next book, "Little Rascals" is going to be released very soon...the sneak peek is to die for, I can't wait to see what else is inside!
Word on the street is MillaMia are currently working on launching a collection of knitting patterns for women, which is also very exciting!
So, you've got the books but now you need the yarn...MillaMia also provide a superior range of coordination 100% extra fine Merino Wool.  But I'll tell you more about that in a few days...
MillaMia products are avaliable on their website, or at a large range of stores within Australia and throughout the rest of the world - take a look at their stockist list, here.

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thingsforboys said...

gorgeous patterns! I've never felt brave enough to do anything much bigger than a scarf. My boy would probably have outgrown it before I finish!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those hoodies !! beautiful and fun looking !! thanks for sharing the name of that book :)

Shelley said...

If only I could knit! Maybe a good present for nanna though!

sarah said...

thank you! i too have been looking for gorgeous patterns for my kiddies, this will be on my to buy list!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, there are some lovely things there. Not that I need more in my knitting queue... :P


Angie Clare said...

Sqquueeee these are adorable! I spotted Millamia in our local spotlight and am still thinking of a way to smuggle it home unnoticed. I am a little mad for craft books but this one is to die for!

Makayla said...

I have been to keen to learn to knit lately!! Maybe by the time i have children i will be able to make some of these cute things!

Rachael said...

Could you please tell me what sizes the childrens patterns go up to thanks Rach

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