Sunday, 3 June 2012

.Blue toned tee.

Tommy's new shirts for winter have been winners so far!  This one is so cool - it comes from Ottobre 4/2008.  #25 "Pekka T-Shirt".
I love all the tones of blue with a little hint of green.  The top is long sleeved with a short sleeve overlay.  I must be a big fan of this look because I'm always drawn to tops like this!
This cute little man turns three on Friday - THREE?!  In some ways he is starting to seem really grown up, but mostly he still feels like the baby.  We have a 22 month age gap between all of our kids and I realised yesterday that if we had done that again after Tommy we would have a 14 month old baby now!  Isn't it funny how at the time it feels okay but looking at it from a different perspective it seems totally crazy!  You definitley don't know how much you can handle until you have no other option!
Stella knit fabric in ocean
Hilco Campan knit blue tone stripe
Hilco Ringel Ribbed knit in lime/aqua 


Crafty Mama said...

Beautiful Ton, gosh those colours suit him!

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